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The Cabbage Soup Diet Review – Help Me Lose Weight Quickly

1.The Cabbage Soup Diet

1.1 Introduction

If you are looking for ideas for fast weight loss or detoxification, a diet with cabbage can help you burn fat and shake your stomach. This cross flowering is not only a culinary pleasure, but also many health benefits. Cabbage is a healthy and low-calorie plant that you can add to your daily diet if you lose a few kilos. Cabbage dietitians say they only lose a week to 4.5 kg.Usually consuming fruit and vegetables is associated with weight loss and lower risk of negative health problems. Many studies have shown that cabbage ingredients can reduce the risk of diabetes, heart disease and so on. The cavity is also a sulfur-pane that can protect against certain forms of cancer. Here’s what you should know about the diet of cabbage soup for slimming and whether it really helps to burn fat from the belly.

Diet Introduction

Table of contents :

1.The Cabbage Soup Diet
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Definition
1.3 Types
1.3.1 Diets
1.3.2 Soup Diets
1.4 Works
1.5 Diet Chart
2.Cabbage Soup Diet Plan
2.1 Day 1: Only Fruits
2.2 Day 2: only vegetables
2.3 Day 3:fruits and vegetables
2.4 Day 4: bananas and milk
2.5 Day 5:beef and tomato
2.6 Day 6: beef and vegetables
2.7 Day 7: Brown Rice, Vegetables And Unsweetened Fruit Juices
3. Feel By The End Of Day 7
4. Beyond Day 7
5. Cabbage Soup Diet Weight Loss Recipe
5.1 Ingredients
5.2 Preparation
6. Scientific Explanation Behind This Diet
6.1 Recommendations
6.2 Precautions
7. Benefits Of The Cabbage Soup Diet
8. Side Effects Of The Cabbage Soup Diet
9. Dos
10. Dons
11. Conclusion

1.2 Definition

Diet is a  plan that has been designed to reduce short-term weight loss. This simple feeling combined with half-hour physical activity allows you to achieve better results than sweating through a regular weight loss program. Liver liver diet is a fast-acting slimming diet. It is noted that a seven-day diet reduces weight to 4.5 kg. Nutrition works the way it sounds. Seven days you eat almost whole homemade cabbage soup. You can also eat one or two other meals a day, such as skimmed milk, fruit or vegetables.
Many sources say that the diet does not work like a hunger diet, but because cabbage has so low calories that the body burns more calories than it consumes.The more soup you eat, the more you lose weight.
The diet should not last longer than a week to reduce weight due to an event or start a long-term diet plan. The liver liver disease is also known under other names, such as the Sacred Heart hospital diet or the Mayo Clinic diet, allegedly because it was created in the hospital to rapidly lose weight before a heart attack.

Cabbage soup diet
1.3 Works

Liver liver diet involves jumping from the body to metabolism and fat mobilization. This diet limits the intake of calories and forces the body to use fat as a source of energy. Low sodium levels, low calorie and high fiber concentrations can be faster than the medium-term diet plan.
Cabbage soup is often prescribed to obese patients because the diet contains a lot of fiber and low in calories (20 calories per 100 g of soup). Provides daily more than 53% of the recommended daily dose. Therefore, the diet with cabbage has helped many people to lose weight successfully. You can also lose weight by following the 7-day diet with cabbage described below.

1.4 Types of Diets


There are nine types of Diets available as mentioned below ;

  • The Paleo Diet
  • The Vegan Diet
  • Low-Carb Diets
  • The Dukan Diet
  • The Ultra Low-Fat Diet
  • The Atkins Diet
  • The HCG Diet
  • The Zone Diet
  • Intermittent Fasting

1.4.2 Soup Diet :

There are 44 varieties of soup diets has been followed in the world.They are as follows:

broccollitomato soup

Carrot and Mong Dal,Garlic Vegetable Soup,Tomato Soup,Red kidney Beans soup,Mushroom soup,Fat Burning soup,Basic Broth,Italian Zero,Broccoli Broth,Pumpkin soup,Minted Peas soup,Cabbage soup,Mixed Vegetable soup,Cauliflower soup,Carrot Coriander soup,Creamy Spinach soup,Lemon Coriander soup,Capsicum soup,Carrot Dhaniya soup,Clear Mixed Vegetable soup,Ceamy Vegetable soup,Creamy Mix Vegetable soup,Sweet Corn Vegetable soup,Easy Minestrone soup,Clove Flavoured Tomato soup,Dahi Shorba,Tamara Shorba,The Ultimate Crispy soup,Stir Fry soup,Tomato Gazpacho,Cucumber soup,Pineapple Gazpacho,Raw Mango soup,Gingery Watermelon soup,Lemon Tomato Rasam,Pepper Rasam,Garlic Rasam,Mango Rasam,Neem Flower Rasam,Carrot Beet Moong Dal soup,Tomato Masoor Dal soup,High Protein Vegetable soup,Rajma Shorba and Penne Pasta Black Eyed Peas Spicy soup.

1.5 Diet Chart

The liver nutrition plan is a low fat and high protein diet that feeds the carbon sink at least once a day at least once a week. Other special foods, including fruits, vegetables (clearly marked with cabbage), milk and meat are allowed every day. As with other low-calorie diets, a diet with cabbage promises quick weight loss. Some variants claim that a diet can lose 10 to 17 pounds in one week, simply changing what they put on the plates.

diet chart

Nutrition includes many other names, including model diets, the Mayo Clinic diet with cabbage, the Holy Heart Hospital diet and the Spokane diet. However, the interesting thing is that this does not apply to institutions such as Mayo Clinic or Sacred Heart Hospital. Although true origin is not clear, it is believed to start in the 1950s. Some say he may be older and notice that during the First World War he often used recipes such as Dough boy cabbage soup, when the soldiers had few other vegetables.
The diet of the 90s has become very popular and has often been seen as a diet model for stewards, celebrities and celebrities to control their number and encourage rapid weight loss. Later it was even claimed that it is used by medical organizations to help obese patients lose weight and prepare for surgery. Please note that there is no reliable evidence that these statements are correct. However, it has become a popular diet for people who want to lose weight quickly and do not worry about the exact calculation of calories or macro nutrients.

2.Cabbage Soup Diet Plan


2.1 Day 1:Only Fruits

Fruits are a great source of vitamins and minerals. When you eat cabbage, you also get the main nutrient from vegetables. Bananas contain a lot of calories, so they are not recommended on the first day. Soup with cabbage and fruit meals is a great way to start a diet with cabbage. Hot water with lime juice is one of the best ways to start the day. It helps to wash away toxins and start metabolism. On this day, eat lots of small fruits with a glycemic index with cabbage soup. In fact, you can eat cabbage all day long if you want your appetite to get out.

2.2 Day 2: only vegetables

Start your second day with green / black tea (with a piece of raspberry juice) or black coffee. Caffeine helps you lose weight, and the smell of tea or coffee begins during the day. During breakfast, enjoy a vegetable breakfast to provide the body with nutrients that help you concentrate fat. Take a bowl of cabbage with different green leafy vegetables to make you feel full. If you’re hungry after dinner, you’ll be dead cucumber or carrot. Eat as many vegetables as possible. For dinner, take an average bowl of soup bowls and vegetable grills to break the monotonous.

day 2

2.3 Day 3:fruits and vegetables

Hot water with lemon juice and honey is a great start on the third day, when it disperses toxins and increases immunity. Because it is a fruit and vegetable day, drink a glass of breakfast to activate the brain, muscles and organs. Cabbage soup makes you full, hungry and rich in fiber to mobilize fat. You can feel a bit hungry in the evening. Glass fruit juices refresh your body and give you energy. Small bowls with cabbage and fruit supper support the digestive system and help you sleep better.

2.4 Day 4: bananas and milk

Green or black tea is ideal for lime juice, you feel fresh and up to date. You will eat at least two bananas that day. Bananas are a good source of potassium, vitamin A, fiber and omega-3 fatty acids. Milk is a good source of calcium, vitamin D, potassium, good fats and proteins. That’s why you get all the basic nutrients from bananas and milk. You can add a small bowl of yogurt that will help digestion or a glass of hot muscat milk, which will help you sleep better and pick up the next morning.

2.5 Day 5:beef and tomatos

From the very beginning of the day with a glass of warm water and lime juice is a great way to increase metabolism and eliminate toxins. Enjoy a nutritious shaving or grilled breakfast with cattle and tomato juice to maintain healthy organs. In the afternoon you can store cabbage with vegetables that are not starchy. If you feel hungry after 2-3 hours, drink a glass of tomato flavor to activate and regenerate it. Take a medium or small bowl of cabbage and a large beef mix to get the optimal protein for muscle growth.

2.6 Day 6: beef and vegetables

Morning detoxification helps to balance the intestinal pH and facilitates bowel movements. The vegetarian taste lasts longer and helps in mobilizing fat. Eat part of medium-sized beef and cabbage soup to provide the body with essential amino acids. After dinner, fresh fruit juices will slow down your appetite for carbohydrates. Excellent beef steak and medium bowl bowl help in the production of body proteins and strengthen the muscles.

2.7 Day 7: Brown Rice, Vegetables And Unsweetened Fruit Juices

Cinnamon is an active slimming ingredient. During breakfast, enjoy cool fruit flavors to increase your immunity. Brown rice is more nutritious than white rice. Take a small portion of brown rice with other vegetables for a nutritious dinner. You can be hungry at night. Fruit snacks (except bananas) to keep your calories low. Strengthen the cabbage with protein-rich mushrooms to gain muscle mass.

day 7


3.Feel By The End Of Day 7

I’m sure you noticed the difference. Not only do you have a lot of water, but you also lose fat, which is great because now you look much thinner and healthier. They are much more active and positive, which is one of the best joint physical exercises and religious principles related to the cabbage diet. It is strongly discouraged to apply this plan after the seventh day. Let’s look at the next day.

4.Beyond Day 7

The diet plan from liver liver should not be used after the seventh day because it is a short-term loss of weight. When you eat a lot of calories, you block your weight and go to a hunger regime. This can lead to weight gain. A break lasting from one to two weeks helps to break the monotony, and the body can not adapt to the low-calorie diet. It also helps you lose weight without losing interest in diet. Consider your daily nutritional needs, here’s the original recipe for cabbage soup. We have also created a list of agents who will help you change the recipe for cabbage. Make it tasty and pleasant for your taste.

5.Cabbage Soup Diet Weight Loss Recipe

5.1 Ingredients

INGREDIENTS1 head of cabbage
2 large onions
2 green peppers
3 carrots
1 large tomato
1 bunch of celery
3-4 mushrooms
4-5 garlic cloves
5-6 cups water or vegetable broth
Coriander leaves and a pinch of black and white pepper for garnishing



5.2 Preparation

RECEIPETake large container boil the vegetables,add ingredients to it and stir well.Cook it for 15-20 minutes in slow burner.Add sugar and salt for taste and let it to boil.Garnish with pepper,sesame oil and coriander leaves to serve hot.

6. Scientific Explanation Behind Cabbage Soup Diet

Because the diet with cabbage has low caloric content, you will lose weight quickly. This plan also contains good amounts of proteins, vitamins and minerals that are important to our body. Cabbage has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It lowers cholesterol and is useful in the digestive system. Brown rice is a good source of vitamins B1 and B3, iron and fiber. Researchers have found that women who eat fatty rice are much healthier and weigh less. Tomatoes are low in calories and high in fiber. They also help in the treatment of cancer. Adding tomatoes to this diet, the soup enriches nutrients and is good for taste buds. Milk is a good source of calcium, potassium and vitamin D. It strengthens and supports your bones. Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals, polyphenolic flavonoids and trace elements. They care for nutrients and monitor the deposition of fat. Beef is a good source of protein and does not contain carbohydrates. Beef, which contains vitamins, minerals and proteins, improves muscle function and reduces fatigue.

6.1 Recommendations

While the cabbage diet is very lean when it comes to portion size, it’s best to control consumption if you want to lose weight and stay healthy. Excessive cabbage soup can increase sodium intake and contribute to digestive disorders and even to the meteorite.
Stay with two cups of soup and make sure that your diet also loses other products. For example, a standard portion of meat is about 3-4 ounces, and half a glass of brown rice is considered one dish. Other foods, such as bananas, are very healthy, but peace is calm; For example, eating 10 bananas a day can completely eliminate potassium levels and cause electrolyte imbalance.
Use a variety of nutrients (if possible) in standard portions to maintain a wide range of nutrients and avoid some of the problems that may arise from excess.

6.2 Precautions

Liver liver diet does not offer many varieties and offers only limited choice, so you will feel unhappy and boring. Although it can really help with quick weight loss, most weight depends on the weight of the water, not on the loss of fat. This means that after resuming a normal diet, you will probably regain some weight you lost for the first time.precautions
Nutrition is also intended only for short-term use. Because food is very diverse, it does not offer many vitamins and minerals, and can even cause nutritional deficiencies if you decide to eat a diet with cabbage for a month or more. After a week’s diet, it is usually advisable to wait a few weeks before restarting to make sure you are getting the nutrients you need from a normal diet.
The soup can also contain a lot of sodium. This can be a problem for people with high blood pressure or a low sodium dose. Cabbage also has a high level of vitamin K, which can interfere with blood thinning, such as warfarin. If you suffer from diseases such as heart or diabetes, it is best to consult a doctor or dietitian before you start to eat cabbage to make sure it is safe.
If you choose a cabbage diet, it should be combined with a nutritious, well-rounded diet to improve your overall health, promote good eating habits and meet your nutritional needs.

7. Benefits

Help for losing weight :-

There is no doubt that after a diet with cabbage, weight loss occurs. By limiting your diet to ordinary cabbage soup with some fruits, vegetables and other low-calorie foods that are unclear, you can significantly lower your calorie intake and climb so fast. It is estimated that about 1000 calories a day is made for slimming cabbage soup, which is much lower than the daily calories. Of course, how much a cabbage soup can vary a lot; It depends on the size of the portions, the ingredients that you add to the soup and other dishes that you combine. Keep in mind that most of this rapid weight loss is caused by weight loss in water compared to fat loss. Not only this, but also rapid weight loss can lead to weight gain after the usual diet is updated. This is especially important if your normal diet is unhealthy or high in calories.

Thanks to a fiber filled with fiber:-

Rich foods such as cabbage, brown rice, fruits and vegetables, you’ll be guaranteed a lot of fiber if you follow this diet. The fiber moves through the unbound body, maintaining a feeling of fullness and promoting the plain. You can not only increase the amount of fiber, but also be satisfied with the overall reduction in consumption, but there are other benefits, such as better control of blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Cutting 1 or 2 cups of cooked cabbage fat can destroy up to 6 percent of your daily fiber requirement. By combining the cabbage with other fiber-rich fruits and vegetables, it is very easy to meet the fiber requirements daily (and exceed).

Cabbage is rich in nutrients:-

Cabbage is a nutritious one of the best dishes that you can add to your diet and is the basis of a cabbage soup. Each serving contains dozens of fibers and antioxidants that are effective against free radicals as well as trace elements such as vitamin C, vitamin K, folic acid and manganese. Not only that, but cross-flowering vegetables such as cabbage have many health benefits. Research shows that there may be a higher frequency of cut vegetables with lower cancer risk, less inflammation and even lower risk of heart disease.

It stimulates detoxification :-

Cabbage and other cruciferous vegetables are known for many health benefits, especially when it comes to liver health. Your liver is one of the most active organs in your body. It works continuously, filtering toxins and taking care of health. Green vegetables that contain a composition called glucosinolate concentration, which can promote liver enzymes that help in the production of detoxification. By increasing the carbon uptake, a good amount of glucosinolate can be obtained that promotes good detoxification, improves liver function and improves overall health.

Easy to follow:-

If you’ve ever eaten, you probably know how difficult it can be. There is enough diet that you have to find exactly everything you eat, and then it is difficult to transfer to points, grams or calories. It can not only disappear, but also be able to absorb motivation and reduce the likelihood of success. The diet of soup with cabbage differs from many other diets because it is simple and easy to follow, and only a minimal amount of work, effort or nutritional knowledge is required. The nutrition plan precisely determines which foods should be eaten and which should not be discarded without imposing strict restrictions or serving quantities. It becomes especially attractive for a diet that has tried and did not apply other, more restrictive diets.

8.Side effects

Alcohol causes:-

If you maintain this diet, you can only eat cabbage and vegetables on a given day. It does not include healthy fats and complex carbohydrates that are needed to satisfy your appetite and give you a feeling of fullness. They suffer the most from hunger.
It causes meteorism. After the diet with cabbage gassing may occur. Excessive consumption of cabbage and other vegetables, such as broccoli, can lead to gas bloating.

Risk of fatigue: –

This diet is associated with dramatic reduction of calories, loss of energy and fatigue. Carbohydrates and healthy fats are the source of your body’s energy. With the exception of these essential nutrients from the daily dose, you can feel drowsy and lazy everyday. They may suffer from lack of energy for training and other activities.
Lack of nutrition – The main disadvantage of a cabbage diet is that it is neither nutritious nor justified by the proven principles of weight loss. It does not allow too much protein and carbohydrates. Therefore, if you use this diet, you suffer from a diet disorder. No wonder it only takes seven days!

Frequent urination:-

Ttoo much soup and water can cause urination more often than usual. Cabbage is a natural diuretic, that is, it promotes the release of water from the body. Other fruits and vegetables can also cause frequent urination because natural products are full of water.

Dizziness :-

side-effects-of-dietingDizziness is another side effect of this diet. Low dizziness may occur due to low calorie intake. Lack of fat and carbohydrates in the diet can make your body so tired that it does not feel. It can be cured only by increasing the amount of calories.It can cause mood changes. There is a lack of basic nutrients during nutrition. That’s why you’ll probably be sleepy and exciting. Lack of good nutrition for your body can cause physical and mental suffering. Although you weigh, you may feel migraine, drowsiness and mood swings during your diet. In the end you will slow down what will affect your work.

Health hazards:-

This is not a natural weight loss, because 90% of the weight is lost in relation to the weight of water, not fat. This is not only unhealthy, but also the extra amount of fat that the body takes before feeding. Because this diet has a low nutritional value, your body becomes hungry and saves energy, which reduces metabolism and has the opposite effect of gaining weight.

9. Do’s

  • If you keep your diet, add fruits with a low glycemic index and nutrients rich in vegetables.
  • Add a good source of protein to soups. Mushrooms and lentils.
  • Sleep well and let the brain rest.
  • Drink sugar without fresh fruit juice.
  • Continue the training process. Relax, breathe and relax between exercises.


10. Dont’s

  • Do not skip the meat. It gives your body the protein needed for better muscle function. If you are not beef, you may feel weak. If this is not beef, eat fish or chicken.
  • This diet is only for 7 days. Do not prolong this. It will weaken your body and your immune system.
  • Do not use carbonated or artificially sweetened beverages.
  • Avoid alcohol.
  • Do not place artificial sweeteners in seven days.
  • Do not use too much salt or excess of seasoning for the soup.
  • Avoid avocado, dried fruit, pineapple and mango.


11. Conclusion


Diet is a  plan that is ideal for fast weight loss and detoxification. But at this time you can not go longer than a week. During this diet you may feel weak or tired because you do not get all the nutrients necessary for your body – the diet contains several complex carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals. In addition, large amounts of vegetables containing sulfur, such as. Like cabbage, it causes gas to accumulate. Many health experts warn that the diet plan is unhealthy and does not produce lasting results.
It is important that nutrition, such as a cabbage soup, is interesting, but changing a healthy diet while exercising and keeping it firm can help you lose weight and help your life.

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